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Tables that Inspire; Part One

A little Coachella Chic table inspiration

I'm sometimes asked why we do styled shoots. Clients are sometimes frustrated to come across crazy, over-the-top images on Pinterest, in magazines, etc. and realize the inspiration is out of their budget.
Well...there are a couple reasons. I get restless. There are so many designs and ideas going through my brain there's no way I can implement all of them. Some of them are a great fit for a particular client, some of them are just a little out-there and probably not suited for a wedding or special event. But they're so darn cool! I just HAVE to design them anyway. 
Another reason is inspiration. We spend a lot of our time following trends in design and events and want to showcase the best way to pull these fun details into YOUR event. Maybe the hand-painted linen is a no-go but you may be able to incorporate the fun favor ideas or a simplified version of an over-the-top backdrop.

We want to showcase what we're capable of and if you see something you like and use it for your event, even better!
In the "slow season" I get to catch up on my blogging and social media and decided the team and I created some really gorgeous tables this year. I'm going to showcase a few of them in a blog posts.
First up, our "Coachella Chic" table. I designed this table for NACE's annual Tantalizing Tables meeting. It's a fun industry network event where designers get to create awesome tables that showcase a current theme or trend.
We've been boho-crazy this spring. Head crowns, over-the-top loose bouquets. Many different combinations and interpretations of bohemian chic. A recent trend I spotted was the use of macrame. Yep, that 70s past time is making a come back with everything from rope backdrops at the ceremony to long table runners and plant hangers. 
Hanging centerpieces are also still a cool trend so I couldn't wait to mesh the two.
Fun details include the hanging Pothos plants with just a few peonies popped in for color, the macrame pot hangers of course, terracotta chargers, boho-inspired lanterns turned vases, the cool bottles filled with yucca blossoms, and lots of bright floral.

My assistant Jen created the super cute menu inspired by a concert program and the "VIP backstage pass" place cards.
We had hand-made organic soap as our favor.
I loved how this one turned out and hope you do too!
Event: Styled Shoot; Networking Event
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