• Desert Blooms from a Desert Native

  • Mandi Johnson

    Wearer of all hats

    (including Stevie-Nicks inspired top hats)


    I'm a sixth-generation Arizona Native, mother of two (Rhiannon and Zane) and am completely devoted to a handsome man from the exotic east coast (I love you Erik). I worship Stevie Nicks and all things Fleetwood Mac. I dress like a gypsy, surround myself with antiques, books and dogs; and I rock out to classic rock while I put together your floral designs. I started Butterfly Petals in 2005 but thought I'd be a journalist. This writer-turned-florist has a passion for story telling and I try to put a little of this in my floral design.


    I'd love to tell your story!




    Butterfly Petals is an event floral studio available by appointment only.


    • Weddings
    • Parties
    • Events
    • Corporate
    • Mitzvahs
    • Memorials
    • Elopements
    • Creative Collaboration
    Our studio is centrally located in Tempe (scroll for address) and we deliver all over the Phoenix valley and Arizona.


    I'd love to tell your story!



  • Where to Find Us

    Available by Appointment Only

    2430 w. 12th St. Suite 2, Tempe AZ 85281

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