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Amanda's Steampunk Asian Fusion Wedding

Amanda's vision of a steampunk asian fusion event at Soho 63 was a truly fun one for us! A non traditional bouquet, tons of living orchid plants. Just the right mix of industrial gears and organic zen plant life!

To pull off the perfect steampunk Asian wedding I knew I wanted to create a nontraditional bouquet. Amanda carried an Asian silk fan covered in gears, keys and rusty metallic touches. Zach's boutonniere featured metallic elements and gears as well. The centerpieces were a collection of cool industrial-looking pieces. Reminiscent of Steampunk elements but still polished and modern to fit Soho 63. Living orchid plants and organic elements like standing bamboo screens, added a little Asian touch and brought to life a mix of cultures, tastes and themes. 
Event: Real Wedding
Location: Soho63
Photography: The R2 Studio
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