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Katie and Dave's Rustic Desert Botanical Wedding

Storm? What storm? With a beginning like this, these two can weather anything.

Remember September 27 2014? No? Well let me remind you: A hurricane visited Arizona on its way through Mexico and decided to mess around with a lot of couples' outdoor weddings. At a space like Desert Botanical Garden, already lush and gorgeous, many couples rely on the garden's beauty to create the ambience. When there's torrential rain, ridiculously high winds, hail, thunder, lightening and the whole mess Mother Nature can throw at you, you have to move the outdoors in. Working closely with their awesome planning team, we cooked up a last-minute Chuppah in the 11th hour and created an intimate eucalyptus-covered refuge from the storm. The ceremony then became the reception space and we moved our giant, 10-foot-tall manzanita trees in place to frame the dance floor and bring the rustic, outdoor feeling into Dorrance Hall. It wasn't easy, and it took the team, a lot of mops, an entire bathroom's worth of paper towels and several generators, but all told Katie and Dave still had a great event surrounded by family and friends and will have a great story to tell for all their years together. Funnily enough, their photographer, Mike Olbinski is actually known world-wide for his storm-chasing photography. Chances are, every cool time-lapse of Phoenix-related weather is probably from Mike's camera. I think he brought the weather with him this time!
Event: Real Wedding
Floral: Mandi and The Team (especially The Team, these guys worked their behinds off!)
Photography: Mike Olbinski 
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